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Focusing on Education | Newsflash 06.13

The education IT market is worth something like £3 billion a year and around half of that will be spent over the next three months, as schools and colleges take advantage of the extended summer holidays to get down to some serious upgrading of their IT infrastructure. With ICT playing such a vital role in the classroom today, they will want to spend their money wisely, so there is an important role for resellers to play in helping them make the right decisions. During this crucial period, Computer 2000's Focus on Education campaign will provide resellers with access to special bid pricing, lead generation activities and a whole range of useful resources on the revamped Public Sector site -- including the new and hugely impressive Virtual Classroom. We spoke to Cathi Low, Computer 2000's Director of Public Sector about the campaign and how it is going to help resellers to drive opportunities with education over the summer.